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Curt Baggett goes nationwide to testify

I have been a Police Officer in a Metroplex area Police Department for nearly 30 years. Nearly 24 of those 30 years were spent in Criminal Investigations, including more than 18 years investigating Crimes Against Persons. For the past 18 months I have been assigned to Internal Affairs. Recently I came upon an investigation that required forensic examination of a suspect document in an attempt to determine the identity of the author of that document.

I found America’s handwriting experts, Curt Baggett and Wendy Carlson on the web and his resume was – and is – OUTSTANDING. I am a firm believer in the adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Curt did not need a “second chance.” Before we spoke about the matter at hand, Curt asked me to handwrite a sentence or two. Curt then quickly analyzed my handwriting and then totally and accurately told me all about myself. Every single trait Curt described fit me perfectly. WOW!

Being the true professional, Curt took the documents and exemplars I had provided and told me he did not want to know anything more about the matter. Curt conducted a careful, time consuming forensic examination of those documents and formulated his conclusion and results in a very professional manner.

If you don’t want anyone to know “who” you “really” are, then don’t ever allow Curt to see your handwriting!!!! I would recommend his services to anyone either in the law enforcement profession or any professional company looking for an expert witness to conduct a professional, forensic examination of any document.

Sergeant Alan T. Patton

I'm very thankful and I just wanted to let you know that I was very thankful for your immediate response to a damsel in distress. I really appreciate it and you gave me peace of mind. God bless your work.

Alison C., Michigan

Mr. Baggett,
You were an excellent witness! Thank you for helping me in this case. Dabney & Pappas Robert Dabney
Houston, TX

Wanted to let you know, I spoke to my Tax Attorney earlier today and he reiterated that the IRS Revenue Officer was further persuaded in his decision to grant the separation of my liability from my ex-husband's because of your finding that my signature had been forged on the tax return. As my attorney put it, "That was money well spent". I thank you so much for that. - Susan Stalker, San Ramon, CA

Curt, I knew he forged my name and you proved it. I was so surprised my opinion letter was ready in 24 hours. Wow!
Sandi Basye , Yucaipa, CA

Thank you for agreeing to review the alleged forged signature so quickly. Your prompt letter can be used in court on Friday and hopefully help my client win.
Roger D. Moore,
Attorney Rehm, Bennett & Moore , P.C

Curt Baggett,
I became aware of you through Maurice de Hond. We are communicating about the murder case here in Holland, where you may come to testify. Your opinion in this case is of great interest to the local police. Thank you!
Wim Dankbaar, Holland

Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your verbal report. My clients want an upgrade to get a written notarized letter. Thank you for your very prompt and professional help.
Kim Kohli Attorney, Garrettsville, Ohio

Mr. Curt Baggett,
Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial.
Sandra G. Slater Phoenix, AZ

Someone forged my name to the Sikh Gurdwara of Los Angles Inc. form and you have verified that fault. Bless you!
Sarahjeet Singh Mann Gen. Secretary North Hollywood, CA

Mr. Baggett
Thank you for the welcome opinion letter acknowledging the forgery for my client.
Schreimann & Associate, Dawn Graves Attorney
Dallas, Texas

Mr. Baggett,
Not only did you prove forgery but you were able to identify the forger. Thank you!
Susan McNamer, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for your examination of the nasty letter and comparing it to all the suspects handwriting; and for fingering the guilty person. You are great!
John Baxter, Aurora, MN

Mr. Baggett I can't believe you are so good but you really are! Maybe my girlfriend will get to keep her Ski-Doo because of you.
Jeremiah Gilien
North Haver Hill, NH

Thanks so much for your prompt help on these matter. You have provided proof that it was not my handwriting. I thank you again.
Gary Mohr, Coralville, Iowa

It is my Mother's contention that the signature on the State of Georgia, County of Gordon recorded document is a forgery. Without your help she could lose her house. The probate proceeding is scheduled soon. We thank you for your time and prompt attention to our urgent matter and for your good news that it is a forgery.
William E. Irvin
Clinton, MD

Mr. Baggett,
Thank you for your quick verbal opinion.
Dr. Paul S. Mostert
Lexington, KY

Thank you in advance for helping me during this difficult period in my life. I am being sued by my former accountant. He forged my name to an agreement which I would never have signed. Thanks so much!
Dr. Gregory Muhammad
Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for agreeing to testify at the trial. We appreciate your help.
David Gamble Carrington Coleman Sloman & Bluementhal
Dallas, Texas

Thank you for getting your letters to me so quickly. I trust this will be the end of it. However, if this Grievance Committee wants a hearing, I will gladly pay your fees to allow you a 1-2 vacation in sunny SC. For me it's the principle of the thing! Thanks again,
Donna Taylor
Aiken, SC

Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for proving the police on someone forged my husband's name. This is driving me braz but you are so much help. Thanks.
Jennifer Nguyen
Houston, Texas

Mr. Baggett,
Thank you agreeing to testify in federal court in Fargo, N.D. from your house via Video Link or a phone testimony. I was desperate until I found you. I cannot thank you enough.
Lyle Noorlun
Marina del Rey, CA

Mr. Baggett,
I have upgraded to the Gold package so I can get letters proving the forgery of the will and codicil. Your response was so quick and I really appreciated that. Now we have proof of what we knew all along. Thank you so much. Alan Bush Yuba City, CA

Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for helping my family. This was a death bed marriage and the new wife was about to get away with everything. Thanks to you, maybe justice will prevail after all.
Bill Graves CPA
Dallas, Texas

I never thought I'd need a handwriting expert. You have saved my marriage and my Army career! It was really hard to prove when a forger signed my name and made it look like I did it! Thanks to you the truth will prevail. Thanks a million again and again!
Charles Barber
Ft Polk, Louisiana

Curt Baggett,
My husband was not even in Chicago when his forged signature was notarized. Your letter proving the forgery is the last piece of evidence I need. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Maureen Decker
Jupiter, Florida

Thank you for solving our forgery problem. What would we do without experts like you. Thank you!

Dear Curt,
You were wonderful to drive all the way to Paris, Arkansas for my trial. I can't thank you enough for your service. Let me know if I can help you! I will recommend you to anyone.
Kathy Davis
Paris, Arkansas

Your web site says ?A quick verbal opinion?. I am doing this on my own. I took care of this woman for 10 months, but know her family and her for 30 years. A relative came into her home/life 3 years ago and has laid claim to everything. I just want what is right! Thank you so much for your help.
Cape cod, Mass.

Thanks for scheduling my trial in the Bahamas for July 12, 2006. I could win with your testimony proving forgery of my signature. Thanks!
Ron Auren
Palm Springs, CA

Mr. Baggett, My sister forged a Power of attorney and began liquidation my father?s estate. Thanks to you, I have now stopped her and her attorney from future losses. Don?t forget I have promised you a part in my new movie and my next book!
Paul Reed
Dallas, Texas

I knew my Dad?s will was forged. Thanks for verifying that fact and for your opinion letter. I now have hope. Thanks.
Lisa Desjardin
Jackson, Mississippi

Mr. Baggett, My famous late husband, Re-Run (Fred Allen Berry) had a good contract for compensation with Bud Yorkin Production, IN. for his T.V. episodes. You may be responsible for getting me part of the money they owed. You are wonderful.
Alexander Berry
Hollywood, CA.

Thanks for reviewing my bank document so promptly. You are the best available anywhere! Thanks!
Nandani Bhatla
Alexandria, VA

Dear Mr. Baggett, said you were the best document examiner in the USA. Maybe you are! Thanks for analyzing the death threat on the restroom wall. I agree, you are great!
Brent Collier

Mr. Baggett, Re: Case No.05-10-17 Thank you for your report and your quick response. Maybe with your help, my client can get his house back. Thank you.
Amy Thomas
Mexia, Texas

Dear Curt,
Thanks for helping me get my Dads estate back from his girlfriend and her financial advisor. There are no document examiners in this state-wow! Your three opinion letters will save me. You are the greatest!
Gary Church
Canton, MI

Dear Mr. Baggett,
Someone stole my Dads? identity and leased a Nissan vehicle and obtained a capital one credit card. Thanks to you Sun Choi will be able to save his credit and he wont have to pay back the thousands of dollars he did not owe.
Won Ha Choi
Los Angelous, CA

Mr. Baggett,
Apparently someone forged my name to an employment contract with Hartford. You have examined 13 samples of my handwriting and proved my signature was forged. Thanks so much. Bobby Chirayil 3-29-06 Curt, My friend with the FBI, suggested I call you to help with the false allegation of our daughter. I knew she did not write the note and your letter was the proof we needed. Thank you.
John Subbie
Bloomfield, NJ.

Mr. Baggett,
Thank you so much for your examination and report on the handwriting. Your work must be so rewarding, being able to help people so much. Thanks.
Sarah Cartwright
Gladstone, MI

Dear Curt,
Dispute with client, contracts and signatures are hard to deal with sometimes. You have really helped us with this case. Thanks.
Brian Brunson
Atlanta, GA

Curt Baggett,
We just settled the lawsuit against the city for falsely accusing my client. Your opinion letter proving my client was innocent helped release her and helped win our case. Thanks for your hard work and expertise.
Richard D. Wall Attorney at law State of Washington

This case is very complicated but I know you are the expert to advise me if the will is real-or not. Thanks for your help-again. Detective Danny Lane 4-5-06 Please examine for authenticity of signature and then see if you can identify the possibly forger.
Randy Callison
Seabrook, Texas

Mr. Baggett,
Before my Aunt died, she told me she did not sign a will. After her death, one appeared. Please write a letter with your great opinion that it was forged. Thanks for your quick verbal opinion. Please fax your letter to my attorney, Francis Holden in Hialeah, FL. Thank you so much.
Eduardo R.
Dela Pena Hialeah, Florida

Dear Mr. Baggett,
I am in receipt of your C.V. and payment schedule. I had the pleasure of conduction a cross-examination with you as the witness over a year ago. I contacted Steven Thompson to get your information regarding this case, the subject of this letter. Enclosed please find a check for your retainer fee and certain documents with signatures for your evaluation. My client needs a written opinion from you in an effort to resolve disputed transactions (signatures) with his bank. Thank you.
Heriberto Ramos

Mr. Baggett,
You are the key to our case concerning the termination letter. We will almost certainly need you in court if we cannot settle. Thanks.
Carl Cole Eyster, Key, Tubb, Weaver & Roth
Decatur, Alabama

Mr. Baggett,
They have stolen our Grandmothers house. Can you help us get the house back by examining the quick deed? Thanks.
Phylus Bopp
Ft. Worth, Texas

Mr. Baggett,
You don?t know how much it means to me that you even answered me. I am more grateful then you could imagine. I?m faxing you the charges too so you can see how severe this all is. Thank you for all of your help.
Gary Borgaro
Jackson County, North Carolina

I have another case for you! Thanks.
Detective Danny Lane

Mr. Baggett,
Our 14 year old daughter did not burn the house down and did not write the letter. You have proved she did not write the confession letter and now maybe we can get the conviction over turned. Bless You!
Lisa Clark
Hattiesburg, MS

21 June 2004
Dear Mr. Baggett,
I thank you and my client thanks you for the "RUSH" job of getting us ready for court. We won the case, Thanks to YOU!!
Hadford Law Offices PLLC
Scott Hadford
Mesa, Arizona

27 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your expertise help! I know that my Dad did not sign the life insurance policy beneficiary change form, but we needed your letter to prove it!
Raymond E. Bradshaw Jr.
Washington D.C.

22 May 2004
Thanks! Without your help my brother could have been deported because of a simple mistake. My family, my brother, and I, all thank you for your expert opinion letter we used in court.
Said Said
Garland, Texas

8 June 2004
Dear Mr. Baggett,
Re: Double Forgery on both sides of the Border
Your analysis in English and Spanish were equally excellent. My special thanks for your immediate response to my needs—a deadline court date was due to expire that afternoon. You saved our lawsuit.
Joel Molano, Paralegal
Mission, TX

21 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
You have just saved my client a million dollar corporation by revealing the forged stock certificate. Thanks!
David Calvert
Jay Mar Security
Dallas, TX

20 Feb 2004
Dear Curtis,
Thanks for your analyzing our handwriting. Everyone here in the law office is talking about your fantastic analysis.
Sarah Hardin
Hurst, Texas

30 April 2004
Thanks you for your analysis. I am sending more documents to be analyzed for forgery and I will need a notarized opinion letter.
Michael H. Johnson
Spirit Lake, Iowa

27 April 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your expert testimony in court on 16 April 2004, your performance was excellent.
Susan Calvin
Legal Assistant to Stephen E. Thompson
Houston, Texas

18 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
Thanks to you, the guy who stole my identity could go to jail. You have been so helpful in preparing me for court to defend a law suit for a lease I never signed. Thanks! I have forwarded your letter to the Los Angeles Detective.
Darrin Silverman
Bandon, OR

13 Sep 2003
Thank you for the extended visit earlier this week, with your opinion letter outlining the forgeries I am going to drop in the visit with the bank this week. Thank you for all of your help with this matter.
Robert MacInnis

10 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
I could not believe the Dalmier Chrysler dealership of Canada would forge my name and submit it to the Bank of Nova Scotia. Thanks to your expert opinion, I have a chance to clear my name and the illegal debt. You are fantastic.
Lukrezia Buzanic
Mississauga, ON. 15BZE6

20 Feb 2004
Mr. Baggett,
It’s hard to get anyone to help when you are in prison. You were so kind to prove that the handwriting was NOT mine. Thanks so much
Phillip Barfield
US Penitentiary
Leavenworth, KS 66048

10 May 2004
Dear Curt,
Thank you for your help analyzing the handwriting of the kids and the mother.
Delve Detective Agency
Jonas Berwick
Duluth, GA. 30096

17 May 2004
Dear Curtis,
Your quick response and opinion letter was so unusual. Thank you so much! I’m sure our attorneys will want to hire you again on another bank suit.
Tracey O’Brien
Futeral & Brookshire, Attorneys at Law
Mount Pleasant, SC. 29464

19 June 2004
Thanks for your quick response and for your expert opinion that my x-wife forged the will and was taking everything from the children. Our life has changed because of you! Thanks,
B. Beran
Livermore, CA. 94551

29 May 2004
My eleven year old daughter’s x-friend forged my daughter’s handwriting to ugly letters and accused my daughter of being the author. Your letter has made my daughter well and boy do I feel better after I mailed it to the mother of the guilty girl. Thank you for your help.
Cheryl Gutierrez
Detroit, MI. 48207

30 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
The forged life insurance policy (three time accident death benefit) beneficiary form forged by my daughter’s boyfriend (apparently) after she died, sure gives me renewed faith in justice. Thank you so much. I am taking your letter to the district attorney.
Thank you and God Bless You!
Donna Dargis
Summer Point, New Jersey

21 May 2004
Mr. Baggett,
The IRS garnished my wages and took my tax refund for a debt on a forged promissory note for a student loan in Ohio when I did not ever live there. Your expert letter proving I did not sign the note may save my life. I was so desperate until I found you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Edward M. Underwood
Leigh Acres, Florida

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